Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas and all things leading up to it 2013

IMG 9340
A visit with Santa.  Owen and Carson both asked for a Kindle Fire HDX, Isaac asked for an air hockey table or roller blades, Stella wanted a “kit”.  A Rainbow Loom kit.  

Papa and Mimi came for a short visit.
IMG 9354IMG 9344     
“Our” family Christmas 
IMG 9390
IMG 9399
IMG 9413
IMG 9419

A few days later we headed to Nebraska.  The Wright Christmas was first.
IMG 9424 
IMG 9429
IMG 9443
IMG 9450IMG 9462IMG 9467 IMG 9475IMG 9493 IMG 9503

Moving on to the next and final Christmas.
IMG 9524 
 IMG 9507 IMG 9506 IMG 9523IMG 9528 IMG 9531IMG 9535 IMG 9537IMG 9539

Bringing in the new year.  Happy 2014!
IMG 9542 IMG 9545

Saturday, December 7, 2013

...and all this has happened, as well.

Stella lost her first tooth.
Her second one, too.

We had a 2nd grade music program.

Pumpkin carving, Macy’s first birthday and Halloween happened, too.

FUNBall basketball started.

We got to spend Thanksgiving with family. Lots of family.

I even got to take pictures for my parents with their grandkids.